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The new 570 Bio-scanner is now available at C-Life Health Club.

The InBody 570 looks at many health point parameters and can give you a more in-depth analysis of your health. This device is used by professional athletes and is utilized by elite fitness facilities across 70 countries worldwide.

Once you stand on the Bio-scanner it will begin to collect information such as your weight, height and body fat in less than five minutes. Once you’ve completed the scan you will be provided an effective exercise, lifestyle and nutritional program based on your results by one of our in-house Personal Trainers.

To kick start your fitness Journey a scan should be done every 8-12 weeks to keep your health goals on track.  The Inbody 570 is an effective monitoring tool to support you in your fitness journey.

Each scan costs $35 for C-life members, $40 for non-members and $20 for seniors.

To book your bio scan call (02) 9704 7712.


1. The analysis should ideally be carried out before exercise and on an empty stomach and bladder. Never scan immediately after exercise. 

2. Make sure the same individual height measurement is used for each adult in follow up scans. This ensures the same parameters are present to achieve consistent and precise measurements.

3. The analysis should not be carried out after a shower or the use of a sauna as sweat and heat causes a temporary change in conductivity within the body

4. Wear comfortable clothing, ideally removing any items with metal zippers, snaps, fasteners, belts, and underwire bras. Please also remove all jewelry where possible. 

5. To effectively track and monitor results, subsequent testing should be carried out under similar conditions. (i.e. similar clothing, testing time, before eating or exercising, etc.)

6. Thoroughly wipe the palms and soles with the InBody tissue before testing, as conductivity is of paramount importance.

7. It is important to note that body composition results will be affected in the case of pregnancy, breast augmentation, irremovable piercing, metal plates, pins, screws, metal prosthetic joints or where a pacemaker, defibrillator or nerve stimulator are present. It is not advised to scan if you are pregnant or have a pacemaker.

8. Avoid contact and talking during the analysis, this may lead to interference affecting test results.


Call 9704 7712 to get started

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