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If you’re not measuring, you’re guessing!

Take the guess work out of your body composition results with an InBody570 scan available at C-Life. For the month of October, save 50% off your scan.

The InBody 570 looks at many health point parameters and can give you a more in-depth analysis of your health. This device is used by professional athletes and is utilized by elite fitness facilities across 70 countries worldwide.

Once you stand on the Bio-scanner it will begin to collect information such as your weight, height and body fat in less than five minutes. Once you’ve completed the scan you will be provided an effective exercise, lifestyle and nutritional program based on your results by one of our in-house Personal Trainers.

To kick start your fitness Journey a scan should be done every 8-12 weeks to keep your health goals on track.  The Inbody 570 is an effective monitoring tool to support you in your fitness journey.

Each scan costs $35 for C-life members, $40 for non-members and $20 for seniors.

October prices: $17.5 for C-Life members, $20 for non-members and $10 for seniors.

To book your bio scan call (02) 9704 7712.

To see the guidelines for a precise measurement with Inbody click the link here.


Call 9704 7712 to get started

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