Qualifications: Certificate III & IV in Fitness, Group Fitness Instructor.

Experience: Since 2010

Training Specialties: Mixed Martial Arts for Fitness or Technical Work, Metabolic Conditioning and Circuit Training.

Availability: Any time before 11am and after 4pm (Monday - Saturday)

Goals: My goals in this industry are to help my clients achieve their goals.

Training Diet Tip: Consistency

Interests: Challenging outdoor activities which require good physical capabilities.

What does being a Personal Trainer mean to you? Health is a major aspect in life. Helping people to keep healthy and happy means a lot of success.

What did you want to be as a child? A superhero until I realised they don't get paid.

What is the funniest thing you have seen or heard on the gym floor? Seeing all the gym junkies posing in the mirrors or taking 'selfies'.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Outgoing, Calm, Motivating.

Favourite NRL team: I don't follow NRL but I think I'm forced into the Bulldogs.

Favourite Holiday Destination: Anywhere away from a main city or city life.

Favourite Food: Mediterranean food.

Favourite Movie: X Men.

Favourite band/music: House, Club, some RnB...depends on the occasion and mood.

Name any 3 people in the world you would invite to dinner: The Pope, Bill Gates, Russell Peters.

If you weren't a Personal Trainer what would you be? A Superhero - Hulk.

What would you spend your last $20 on? An investment to get me out of only having $20.

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